Over a thousand enter to take free Salvation course

  December 2013


“For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior,

 who is Christ the Lord.” Luc 2:11

  Scott and Dori Nelson  

Dear Friends and Family,

 I can’t help but praise the Lord for what He is doing! I’ve been working on the internet site, putting in information, and adding more classes to what is already available online. I added a brochure about what God has already done and it gets exciting to look back and see what God has done.

We had over 1,000 people register to take the free online course for Salvation. That’s a 10 hour study on the doctrine of Salvation. When they are finished they know the doctrine of Salvation! Great thing is they  tell others and it just keeps growing.

People from all over the world not just Haiti. Though this month 147 people logged on from Haiti, we continue to be thrilled with the interest from France. Most say they came to the site by word of mouth. All over Africa students are enrolling and taking courses. Most can not pay for any of the classes, but we scholarship them according to their interest and desire to work hard. One such student in the Ivory Coast wants to study the Bible so he can start a church in the Islamic community where he lives. Please pray for him, that God would bless him as he studies and shares the Word of God. Remember too, to pray for his safety.

Most interesting to us are the ones who come from Pakistan, India, Italy and many others you might not consider as French speaking. It is awesome to watch God work! Classes here in Miami are almost finished for the Holidays. Exams are coming soon!

  IMAG0514 IMAG0517

Livres Books arriving in Cap Haitian ready to go to the centers!

This year we have sent thousands of books to Haiti and Dominican Republic.

printer at work 001 Books printed

 The work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic continues to grow. New centers are springing up, in the Dominican Republic alone, they want to open 50 more centers!

Etudiant cap-haitien 8 Students in Cap Haitian, Haiti

 Thank you all for your prayers and support for the Lord’s work through L’Institut Biblique Logos and the Miami Baptist AssociationThe holidays bring our family together and we love it!!! We are having an early Christmas for those who will be out of town for Christmas. Looking forward to that and to Christmas later with those of us who will still be here with us!

 Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In His Service,

Scott & Dori Nelson



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